The Oblique scale~ #2: the Strange Modulator

Hi all!

this time we will use the [scale~] object as a wave shape distortion device and a complex ring-modulator.

Take a look at this video

In the beginning, I don’t rescale the sound input, but simply reshape it using the exponential parameter (sixth inlet): note the attribute @classic 0, used to give both logarithmic and exponential scaling.

Then I started to modulate both the minimum and the maximum output values using sine oscillators, and the sound became more and more complex.

In the second part of the video, I linked the modulators frequencies to the input (carrier) frequency.

As you can see (and hear) the kind of sound generated by this technique is a sort of odd modulation/distortion you can’t obtain with traditional audio modulation methods (FM, RM and so on).

You can recreate this patch from the video, or you can download it (along with a few interesting presets to start exploring the technique) on a special bonus page reserved for the subscribers of the Virtual Sound Newsletter (see below).

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