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How to create a random sequence without a random generator

The idea is simple (and it was suggested to me by Ludovico Failla, brilliant musician and Max MSP hacker): downsample a generated sound and use the data to change its parameters. You can get interesting and unexpected results (the type I prefer!) Here is an oscillator which is frequency-shifted using the oscillator output as a […]

Expanded Pulse Width Modulation

Here is a little patch inspired by a PD example: you can get a square waveform subtracting two sawtooth waveforms with identical frequency (the second one delayed by half cycle). If you give one of the sawtooths a slightly different frequency you will get a pulse width modulation (the resulting square waveform width changes continuously). […]

Max Easy Pieces – Episode #3: eKlipse

Welcome to the third episode of “Easy Pieces for Max”, small patches that produce strange and/or interesting sounds (here are the rules for these pieces). Time to make some nasty (and sometimes gentle) noise! First of all, listen to this (but don’t use headphones, I warn you!). Noisy, eh? Believe it or not, the subpatch […]

Max Easy Pieces – Episode #2: Boiler

Here is the second episode of the “Easy Pieces for Max” series. The characteristics of these pieces are explained in the first post of the series. This time I have prepared a procedural sound design example, i.e. a simulation of a real-world sound created with synthesis techniques (and not by merely sampling it). Btw there […]

Max Easy Pieces – Episode #1: SWARM

In this series I will create small Max patches to show how to generate unusual sounds or sequences; I will use non-trivial audio programming techniques, but this doesn’t mean they are complex or difficult to grasp (at least I hope so!). Here is the “Easy Pieces Decalogue” I will follow: 1 – The pieces are […]